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The National Career Readiness Certificate is based on the well-established WorkKeys®  assessment system that is documented as making a difference for employers.  WorkKeys assessments have been in use for nearly two decades and are already widely accepted by thousands of companies all over the world.  Career readiness certificates have been used for more than four years at the state and communitywide level.   

 NCRC benefits to an employer

  • Reduce hiring time and costs.
  • Match employee skills with job requirements
  • Identify key skill requirements of job
  • Target training needs
  • Improve employee retention and performance
  • Increase employee productivity

 How employers use the National Career Readiness Certificate
Employers use the Certificate, along with other educational and background information, to make employment and training decisions.  The NCRC is often considered a “plus” when presented to an employer during the hiring process because it shows the individual has attained specific workforce competency levels.

ACT has profiled more than 16,000 individual jobs across the country to determine the skills and skill levels needed to succeed in them. According to findings, three skills are highly important to most jobs.

  •  Reading for Information— comprehending work-related reading materials, from memos and bulletins to policy manuals and governmental regulations.
  • Applied Mathematics— applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems.
  • Locating Information— using information from such materials as diagrams, floor plans, tables, forms, graphs, and charts. Information retrieval and problem-solving skills— what the Locating Information test measures— are highly relevant in our information-based business culture.

 Job profiling is available, at a negotiated cost, for employers who have specific differences in occupations, for the upward mobility of current employees or for jobs specific to the employer

 WorkKeys testing and the National Career Readiness Certificate are available through The Workforce Connection and the Northern Illinois Workforce Alliance. 

 For more information, contact The Workforce Connection Business Team  at 815-395-6638.

 ACT Website:


Information for persons wishing to retake one of the assessments:

Re-takes for one or more portions of the WorkKeys assessment are available by appointment only.  Testing will generally be scheduled on Fridays only. Space is limited, so immediate testing may not be available.

 Cost:  $15 per test payable on day of test(s) by cash or check only will be collected prior to launch of test.

Retest study material can be found at:

Contact:  Cathy Cornelius at or call 815-395-6638 to schedule your appointment.