Northern Stateline Regional Workforce Plan (with Local Components) 

                      The Workforce Connection Board Operating Policies

                      2016-100-01   Conflict of Interest Policy 
                      2016-100-02   Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll
                      2016-100-03   Travel
                      2016-100-04   Costs Associated with Meetings, Conferences
                      2016-100-06   Fiscal Policy
                      2016-100-08   Procurement Policy
                      2016-100-10   Payment of Profit Under Contracts with For-Profit Organizations        

                      Program-Specific Policies
                      2016-200-01   Grievance and Complaint Policy
                      2017-200-02   Equal Opportunity Policy  
                      2016-200-04   Communications and Branding
                      2016-200-06   Selective Service
                      2016-200-07   Personally Identifiable Information
                      2016-400-01   Eligibility
                      2016-400-03   Medical Data
                      2016-400-04   Supportive Service
                      2018-400-05   Adult-DW Followup
                      2016-400-07   Needs Related Payments
                      2016-400-08   Youth Followup
                      2016-500-01   Work-based Training
                      2016-500-02   Incumbent Worker Policy
                      2016-500-03   Individual Training Account
                      2016-500-04   Eligible Training Providers     

                      Current Guidelines
2018 Low Income Definition
                      2018  Self-Sufficiency Guidelines

                     Equal Opportunity
                 EO Monitoring Schedule
                     Methods of Administration